Bartlett's Cove Pet Care

Greater Newbury Elder Pet Fund

Here at Bartlett's Cove we believe that no one should be forced to surrender their beloved pet because they can no longer afford it's care. That is why we work with the Greater Newbury Elder Pet Fund to ensure that seniors and their pets can get access to the animal related food and care they need to keep them together.

As members of our community age, their pets can become their sole companions. At the same time, because of the difficulties related with aging, it can become harder for an owner to properly care for a pet. This is a tragedy because no senior should lose a beloved companion, and no pet should suffer because of an inability to give or afford to give care.

This is why the Greater Newbury Pet Fund was founded, to collect donations in the form of food, and monetary donations to help provide for medical services.

100% of donations go to those in need and the Elder Pet Fund is a 501c Charity.

We accept Donations.

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