As was common years ago, I learned the dog grooming business the old way by apprenticeship. While the experience and training were essential, I was never satisfied with the old norms of the business which was usually conducted in back rooms or basements, mostly out of view of the general public. There always seemed to be an air of secrecy that I found uncomfortable for the dogs, as well as their owners. In an effort to eliminate these stresses, my husband designed Bartlett’s Cove to be open and inviting, while maintaining a certain level of security essential to the safety of both client and groomer alike. You will not find a front entry room plastered with ribbons and trophies, as we have never wanted to be competition groomers trying to dazzle the public with our grand achievements. Our business is based on personal integrity, quality care, and the reputation of our family name.

     At Bartlett’s Cove Pet Care, our emphasis is to develop a personal relationship with you and your dog in an effort to understand your individual needs and special requirements. We feel it is imperative that all members involved in the care of your dog work together as a team, and we will often consult, with your approval, veterinarians, trainers, and others that might offer insight and action plans developed for the benefit of your pet. This is not only a means of providing a comfortable and successful grooming experience for your dog; it is ultimately more efficient and cost-effective for you as a consumer.

     While Bartlett’s Cove currently offers quality grooming services and informal canine behavioral consultations, which we will continue to provide to our clients, we are also working towards expanding the business in the field of human-canine relations and effective communication. This process began when we were asked to intervene in a situation where an autistic child could not cope with his entrenched fear of dogs, while his brother could not live without one. It was then that I realized that I needed to go further in my education in order to understand the workings of the human mind; for the most part, a dogs mind is easy. So I am currently pursuing a degree in psychology in the hopes that it will help me to reach out to those in need of help and support with their cohesive human-canine relationships. No one should have to live without the companionship, security, stability and love that a dog can provide, and it is my goal to make a difference.

     Thank you for taking the time to read about us, and I hope this will offer a little insight into the purpose and people behind Bartlett’s Cove Pet Care, where we understand that each dog has an individual personality and deserves the right to be treated with respect and dignity. It is my hope that you will give us a try.

-Jacqueline Potocki, Owner

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Bartlett's Cove Pet Care

An Open Letter from the Owner


     My name is Jacqueline Potocki, and I am the owner of Bartlett’s Cove Pet Care, Newburyport’s oldest existing dog grooming facility. Since 1988, Bartlett’s Cove has provided a safe, friendly, and affordable place to bring your pet for a professional, caring grooming experience. We have built our reputation on hard work and a dedication to old fashioned customer service, which has made us one of the most trusted grooming salons in the area. Along with my husband of 26 years, Raymond, and our son, Daniel, Bartlett’s Cove has remained a completely family owned and operated business serving the Greater Newburyport area.